Testimonials from our customers & practitioners 

Waters Co Mineral Pot water filters have been in NZ since 1995, that's 25 plus years of providing water filtration systems, turning your contaminated tap water into healthy, alkaline mineral water. Our products are endorsed by medical practitioners and our large customer base as well as formal awards and certifications. In recent years there have been many companies 'jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon', none have been able to improve on or replicate what we have always done.

The following are just a few of the many testimonials received from our customers, industry professionals and ambassadors.  


15 plus years BMP Ace & BMP 400

I first became aware of the benefits of good hydration and filtrated water in 1997 and purchased the Ace Mineral Pot.  I followed Waters Co. testing procedure to check for residual chlorine, acidity/alkalinity and calcium/magnesium quantities in my tap water compared to the mineral pot water.  The tests for chlorine and acidity/alkalinity were not that dissimilar, most probably due to having access to reasonable city supply water.  The major difference I found in the testing however was in the mineral content.  The activation of the water via the sea based minerals added by the Waters Co mineral filter definitely proved it was superior for drinking water.  This is in addition to the removal of bacteria, harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

I had friends and family who were sceptical back then of water treatment systems yet I found they never went to my tap to get water!  Eventually some of them went on to purchase filters for themselves.  I found I was using more and more filtrated water so in 2000 I purchased the Bio Mineral Pot 400 which holds 5 litres.  The additional capacity allowed me to easily take filtered water to work and use in my cooking.

Recently needing to change the filters in my mineral pot I decided to research other products given the growing awareness and choice now in the marketplace.  I found as many claims as there were brands available.  Whilst each system I compared removed varying degrees of contaminants it was only the Waters Co filters that added the unique benefit of trace elements.  It is this that has kept me a faithful devotee of the Waters Co filtration products for the past ten years and to continue in the years to come.

Addendum to testimonial

Fifteen years later I am still using my Bio Mineral Pot 400.  I recently moved from Melbourne to a small regional area in northern NSW where water supplied by the Council is not filtered.  During times of heavy rain, water can become discoloured and is injected with elevated levels of chlorine, so much so that the taste is very noticeable and stains the rims of my white bathroom basins.  Being able to filter my water through the Mineral Pot allows me to always enjoy fresh purified water without worry.

- L. Mitchell, 


Leading water quality researcher

I have been using my waters bio pot 400 since 2005 to ensure the quality of my drinking water, whether I am connected to town water or tank water.  As a microbiologist and water quality researcher I am all too familiar with the potential contaminates water consumer may be exposed to.  While the majority of water consumers in Australia enjoy a level of water quality the many elsewhere would envy, others are living in towns where the water quality is so poor that water has to be trucked in.  With water testing for town water being based on population many regional and rural residents are drinking town water that may not have been tested for contaminants for several months.  Residents reliant on tank water often know full well what contaminants their water is exposed to and for many the health risks considered seemingly minor; "a few bugs is good for the immune system". This sentiment is most likely true, but with some studies showing tanks with more than 100X the levels of E. coli permissible in town water the risk to visitors especially the very young, the elderly or the immune compromised is not one I choose to take.

I chose the waters bio pot mineral 400 for several reasons, firstly I did not want the plastic waste that is associated with the use of bottle water, nor did I want to pay for water that is even less regulated than what was available from my tap.  Secondly, unlike many other products it is antimicrobial, a lot of the chemical only filters can become bacterial breeding grounds unless the manufacturer's instructions are strictly adhered to.  Thirdly, the 3 filter component makes the unit more economical as the initial filter keeps the particles that clog other filter types out of the main filter system.  This initial pre filter also plays a key role in helping people develop good user habits as the discoloration of the pre filter disc is easy to see when they filling up the reservoir and hence users are more likely to follow the appropriate steps to ensure that the unit is used appropriately. My unit has a glass reservoir because of my concerns around the leaching of chemicals such as BPA from plastic, especially if it is in a sunnier position such as a kitchen window; although as the Waters units are BPA free my choice of glass over plastic is perhaps more of an aesthetic one.  Finally, I prefer the taste of the water I get from my Bio mineral pot 400 over town or tank water.

Crampton, A. & Ragusa, A.T. 2010.  The E.coli load in self-managed rural water in Australia. The Internet Journal of Microbiology 9 (1).

Crampton A .and Ragusa A. T. 2008. My water's fine, isn't it?  An exploration of the gendered perception of water quality and security in Australia.  Rural Society 18 (3), 202-213.

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Ragusa A. T. & Crampton A. 2007. Are there parasites in your h2o? sociology of risk& science news.  TASA & SAANZ Joint Conference 2007, Auckland New Zealand, 2007.

- Dr. Andrea Crampton, Sub Dean Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Science, Charles Sturt University


Waterman Mini 600ml

I tested you're water and the pH was at 10 compared to Redbull which was 3!! Also did a full element analysis and you're water against normal filtered tap water. Your's takes out the majority of Chlorine and heavy metals. While normal Brita filters take out not as much Chlorine and metals, while also taking out the good stuff, like Mg, Ca and Na. You're water leaves in all of these. 

I'm feeling the difference with the water it's a great product!!

- Laura Field  ICP-AES Senior Analyst 


BMP 400

For some long time we had been troubled by water, which was sometimes a little rusty. The kettle quickly grew a coating of rust and we became concerned about what the water might be doing to our insides. After we became owners of a Waters domestic filter all of that changed. The kettle has remained unstained, our water tastes really fresh and we are convinced that we are much better for it. One can see from the colour of the pre-filter how much contamination is removed from the water and we can only say how thrilled we are to be able to recommend this excellent product. By the way the water tastes so much better.

- Jill and Tony Goss,  


BMP Ace 1.5 litre

After much research during the 1980's, I was relieved to discover the Mineral Pot.  It was the ONLY one that addressed the removal of fluoride from the water by supplying an extra filter especially designed for the purpose for Australian customers.  The entire family used it for more than 18 years, everyday, until we were misguided into believing that the filters were no longer available.  During those 18+ years of use; and since; I would often come across other filtration systems for domestic use and would investigate, and although some seemed good, most concentrated on removal of bacteria -  none removed the fluoride, none replaced the minerals and none came close to being as effective in removing the heavy metals listed as the Ace Bio Mineral Pot does.  I am extremely grateful that I have rediscovered the Ace Bio Mineral Pot, as I rely heavily on clean, unadulterated living water, as it really is the essence of life.

- P. McGibbon, 


BMP Ace 1.5 Litre

I have been using the Ace Mineral Pot Filter every day since the mid 80s & it has helped to keep me feeling healthy & young at 80+ years of age.

I have gone to considerable effort to find replacement filters for my Mineral Pot rather than trying another brand. My old Mineral Pot is now retired, because the representative said it was looking a bit tired and I have been given a new (free) Ace Mineral Pot, which I expect will out last me. I’m thrilled with the service I’ve received from Waters Co as it is very unusual these days to get such personal attention.I had also used for a short time another filter system but found that the taste & quality could not compare to the Mineral Pot.

I feel well qualified to highly recommend Mineral Pot Filters.

- Mrs I Mohrer 


Practitioner statement

I have been practicing Naturopathy for over 20 years in that time my family & I have been using Waters Co Mineral Pots to help maintain good health. As a practitioner I have been recommending & supplying these systems since the 1980’s to my patients, friends & family. Mineral Pots supply fresh, great tasting water from both Tap & Tank water supplies.

 I have found many patient benefits linked to the introduction of these systems including: Better looking & healthier skin, relief from migraines, less fatigue, better moods & increased consumption of water due to the great taste, which eliminates many potential long term health issues related to dehydration. Even kids love to drink it.

- H. Barber N.D 


BMP 400

We have been using a bio filter for a while now and my father simply CANNOT do without it.  I am aware of its ability to allow oxygen absorption in the blood and my father was a chronic asthmatic because he had worked in flour mills all his life, so his lungs simply don't function like they should.  His blood oxygen levels used to be around 80% but when last checked by a doctor were 95% of which the doctor simply couldn't believe.  I believe the products are great and will make a significant boost to your health.

- Chris Summers 


Practitioner statement

The Waters Co. range of water filters really makes helping our patients get healthier, so much simpler.

There are often a few key issues that affect many patients health and unless they are addressed I see chronic illness worsen, and symptomatic treatment give poor results. However when we improve patients mineral levels, their acid level decreases and when they stop ingesting toxins from their drinking water and the environment, signs of chronic disease starts to abate and the body responds much better to a well chosen treatment program I use in my clinic. Without a water system such as this my patients couldn't get such great results with my specific detox programs.

The other benefit is that a Waters Co filter benefits not only the patient, but improves the health of their whole family, pets and plants and they save $2000 and more on buying bottled water.

We have looked into and tested many brands and different styles of water filters which are available on the market. None of them has shown as many benefits as the Water Co Mineral Pot. The Water Co. filters are also much more affordable, provide great service and support and on top of all that, give lifetime warranty. I have not seen anything like it on the market.

The Water Co. mineral pot filter is allowing the body to heal it self by nourishing the cells with nutrients, water and oxygen, supports body's own detoxification system and brings the pH up to an alkaline level, which provides an environment that does not allow bacterial, fungal and other micro-organisms to grow or survive.

For myself, I could not drink any other water anymore!

- Ursula Notari (Dipl.appl.Sc. Naturopathy) 


BMP Ace 1.5 litre

I live in the United States and purchased a mineral pot online from your company a few years ago.  I LOVE IT!!!  I can't find anything like it in the States. 

Thank you so much!!

- Amanda Smith, Painesville, Ohio  USA.


BMP Ace 1.5 litre

I am 87 years old and play nine holes of golf a week. I am still using the original Waters Co Mineral Pot that I purchased over 20 years ago and am now updating only because the replacement filters are no longer available for this original model.

I have had both my hips and knees replaced due to chronic arthritis in my joints.

I am convinced that my continuous use of the mineral pot= has been a major factor in my successful rehabilitation after these major operations. I use the water from my pot when making cups of tea and coffee, cooking and when I just need a refreshing glass of water after being out working in the garden. Visitors often comment that the cuppas always taste better when they have them at my home and I just say “It’s the mineral pot water I also use the water when bathing scratches or abrasions that just seem to appear a little more as you get older.

I attribute my longevity and current good health to my mineral pot.

- Ralph Gillies 

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