Organic Germanium

Organic Germanium

The water produced by our Bio Mineral Pot purifiers have 40 - 50 ppb of organic germanium. Waters Co are the first company in the world to have incorporated Organic Germanium into functional water filtration systems.

There are up to 1000 published theses (Thesis) from scientists all around the world on the benefits of germanium in clinical trials. Almost all of these have examined germanium's exceptional cancer preventative property; its strengths in the area of treatment and prevention of many adult diseases and with solid evidence acknowledging germanium as a new medicinal substance that could treat many terminal illnesses. (References to Korea Germanium Association and Bio-Germanium and others; Germanium by Dr. Goodman; Dr. Asai' Book).

Reported medicinal effects of organic germanium:

  • Consumption of germanium accelerates the provision of oxygen inside the body.
  • Strengthens the immune system. The immune cell, NK (Natural Killer) cell and macrophage, and the T cell are activates. It is effective in preventing cancer. Germanium robs the cancerous cells of electrons, lowering their electric potential. It has been reported that when impurities enter our body, germanium automatically releases interferon and macrophage to protect against these impurities, generating 20~30 times what the body would naturally generate on its own. It is extremely effective in fighting cancer cells.
  • Gets rid of waste in the blood vessels and automatically adjusts the blood pressure.
  • Capable of decomposing cholesterol and purifying the blood.
  • Adjusts hormone secretion.
  • Has an antacid effect. Has a vaccine effect.
  • Has a pain-relieving effect.
  • Helps to generate hexagonal water. The human body is an electrical hypersonic corpuscle cluster, and therefore every part has a preconfigured electrical potential. The deformation of the electrical potential of any of these parts will bring about illness. Excessive accumulation of electrical potential can result in pain.
  • If semiconductors penetrate into these regions, the electricity is discharged and that in turn relieves pain.
  • Helps to absorb calcium and zinc.
  • Semiconductor property of organic germanium.    It has even been reported that an injection of 5,000 mg/kg organic germanium is safe. The fact that germanium is a semiconductor is also beneficial physiologically. The blood and other cells have a semiconductor property, but semiconductors cannot coexist considering their electron property. Therefore, there is no concern of germanium accumulation in the body, and there are no side effects with regards to long-term use because the germanium gets discharged. Within 20 hours, it is discharged in urine through the kidneys. So unlike other medications, it does not stay for long in the body (Ref. Asai's book; Germanium written by Goodman).

What is Germanium?

Germanium (Ge) is element number 32, and its atomic weight is 72.59. The German scientist Clemens Winkler, who named the element after his home country, Germany, discovered germanium in 1886. Initially it was merely known as an element with certain amount of toxicity, but after 1948, when Dr. J. Bardeen and Dr. W. Shockley at Bell Telephone Lab, USA, discovered that the element germanium has semiconductor properties, there were many rapid developments. In 1956 they were awarded the Nobel Prize for this work. Dr. K. Asai in Japan studied the ways that germanium affects the human body for his entire academic life, and developed an organic germanium compound that became used as a treatment for terminal illnesses.

Organic germanium is synthesised so that inorganic germanium comes into the plants or microorganisms and combines with proteins or organic materials in the body. Germanium is a semiconductor, and the blood and the cells in the human body have semiconductor properties, so organic germanium does not accumulate in the body over the long term but gets discharged. Inorganic germanium can never be consumed, but can be applied to the skin for pain relief and other medical applications.

Many researchers have reported that germanium is contained in various plants. Cultivated ginseng, wild ginseng, garlic, youngji mushroom, aloe, and the mushroom all have a certain amount of germanium. Germanium is contained in soil, and small quantities are found also in famous medicinal waters. It has been reported that the natural spring water in Lourdes, France has 5-8 ppb of Germanium.

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