When planning your next holiday, you're unlikely to give much thought to the quality of water in your destination. However, water quality varies drastically across the globe, and drinking contaminated water can have severe health implications and rapidly turn a dream holiday into a waking nightmare. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to purify water while traveling. In this blog post, we’ll explore water quality in various regions across the globe and provide you with tips that with a little forward planning will help you to stay healthy and hydrated on your next trip, whilst saving money and the environment.

Getting there.

If you plan to fly to your destination, which for Kiwi's and Aussies is pretty much the only option short of an extended cruise. It's essential to stay well-hydrated during the flight. Airplanes have low humidity levels that can cause dehydration. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and drinking enough water can help to combat dry skin and lips, reducing or eliminating jet-lag symptoms such as headaches and fatigue. Make sure to carry an empty water bottle or portable water filter  through airport security and fill it up once you find a water source.

stay safe hydrated

On the ground.

Destinations such as Fiji, Bali and Thailand are among the most popular destinations for tourists and backpackers with idyllic locations and the opportunity to thaw out from a cold winter.
However, the water quality in these regions might not be suitable for drinking. In Fiji, Bali and many other places, tap water is undrinkable due to high levels of bacteria and viruses. The same goes for Thailand, where 30% of tap water is contaminated. In such situations, relying on bottled water whilst convenient can be costly and environmentally damaging. Anyone that has travelled to these countries can attest to the environmental impact of single use plastics.

When you travel to countries with higher temperatures and humidity, it's essential to stay extra hydrated. You may not notice how much you're sweating, and it's vital to replace the lost fluids and minerals to avoid dehydration, heatstroke and exhaustion. Therefore it's important to carry a portable water filter or a refillable bottle to ensure you have access to safe and purified water.

So what is the best Solution?

When it comes to drinking water, the best option is to invest in a portable water filter. The Waterman Portable Filter is one of the most effective and travel-friendly options on the market. The filter can purify up to 400 litres of water, making it a smart investment for those who travel frequently and certainly enough to cover you for most trips. Furthermore, the Waterman creates an alkaline mineral water replacing many essential minerals lost through sweat and active travel/sorting lifestyles. Alkaline water has a higher pH level, which makes it less acidic, and it is believed to be healthier since it provides better cellular hydration. Drinking alkaline water is an excellent way to neutralise acidity caused by pollution, stress, and poor diet. it provides a cost-effective solution to the cost and damage of bottled water. 

Waterman portable filter cartridge


In conclusion, portable water purification is crucial when traveling abroad. Some countries have undrinkable tap water and costly bottled water, meaning a portable water filter can make a big difference. Alkaline mineral water is another fantastic option to remain hydrated and boost your health. Finally, never underestimate the importance of hydration, particularly during a flight or in countries with higher temperatures and humidity. 

Neither your skin nor your body will thank you for not hydrating yourself, so pack your portable filter, bottle, and alkaline water, and drink up for a healthy and safe holiday. With these essential tips, you can stay safe and healthy so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about getting sick from the water. Happy travels!