With a growing awareness of climate change and its potential effects, it is important to consider how our water supply may be affected. Recent events including flash flooding of Aukland and Cyclone Gabrielle and earthquakes hitting New Zealand have highlighted just how severe weather can lead to disruption and contamination of the water supply. The risk of severe weather is only going to increase in the coming years, so it is essential that we are prepared for this eventuality.

There is clearly a necessity for people to make plans to ensure their own access to clean drinking water should a severe weather event occur again. Whether regional or in metropolitan areas it is imperative to have a plan and be prepared to disruption to power supplies and fresh water. 

Domestic Water Filtration Systems

One way to ensure access to clean drinking water during times of disruption is by installing a domestic water filtration system. These systems use filters or cartridges that remove contaminants from your tap or rainwater before it enters your home or business premises. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and provide peace-of-mind that your family will have access to safe drinking water when needed most. 

The Growing Risk of Severe Weather to NZ's Water Supply

Being Prepared

It is important not only to be aware of the risks posed by severe weather, but also to take action before such an event occurs.

In the case of complete disruption to supplies, it is of little benefit to have a filter system that relies on mains water pressure. This is where a bench top system can come in handy, as it provides a reserve of water on hand at any given time (provided it is kept topped up). There is also a benefit to keeping water stored in containers, which can be filtered again when required by simply running it through the filter system. Familiarise yourself with local emergency services and procedures, and have an evacuation plan ready should you need it. It is important not only that you are prepared but also that you share this information with those around you who may not be as well informed about the potential risks posed by severe weather events.

Conclusion: No one wants their life disrupted by a severe weather event, but preparing yourself now can help minimise any damage should disaster strike and ensure that you have access to safe drinking water when needed most. Investing in a domestic water filtration system is an effective way of protecting your family’s health should there be disruption or contamination of the local water supply due to extreme weather conditions.


Take action now and stay safe!